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Stephanie B.

I highly recommend IRS Audit Group. I don’t have Facebook so I had to search around on Instagram and came across their page. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I needed help with my taxes and they handled everything for me!! There’s no better feeling than knowing that my taxes/IRS issues are being taken care of by the right people πŸ™‚

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Naor B.

IRS Audit Group – best ones in the game! So fast and professional. I had so many questions and they took the time to help me understand everything step by step. On top of the great service, their process are unbeatable.
For me 10 stats!!!!
Thank you IRS Audit Group.

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Juan H.

I am so great full for the team at IRS audit group, the peace of mind that they were able to provide to me is unbelievable. After contacting several companies that promised me solutions and asked me for money without even asking about my situation a contacted the IRS Audit team and they took the time to really looked at my situation before even suggesting a course of action. They willingly looked at the IRS letters I received, they looked at my transcripts from the IRS system, and they explained to me what the possible options were and what they recommend we do. It wasn’t until AFTER their full explanations was I able to get all my questions answered and understand what needed to be done that they took me as a client. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and now I no longer have any issues thanks to them.

I would recommend their service. Make sure you ask for Erez. He is a straight shooter and has a true understanding of how the IRS operates.

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Nichelle C.

I haven’t filled my taxes for several years.
Found IRS Audit Group on Yelp and read great reviews
Contacted them and one week after, all returns were filled and was in compliance. I’m so glad I decided to go with IRS audit group service was amazing and quick

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Pavel G.

I didn’t think I owed any taxes, but then the IRS placed a tax lien on my property and I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. Thankfully, IRS Audit Group was able to get everything fixed. I guess I wasn’t getting any communication from the IRS until I received the notice of the lien, so I wasn’t even aware of the balance on my account. It is very difficult to remove a tax lien from a credit report so I didn’t want this to have an affect on mine. IAG definitely helped get me back on track.

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Jessica A.

Erez saved my life. And this is not a exaggeration. I was on the verge of a panic attack with 3, yes THREE audits, Erez totally put my my mind at ease and I thought I was gonna cry when I got voicemail from IRS saying I owed ZERO dollars!!!!! Do yourself a favor and go see IRS Audit Group so can focus on your life and they can do your taxes!!!!

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Tamara G.

There is no way I could’ve faced the IRS without the amazing tax lawyers at IRS Audit Group! Through their fantastic service, I managed to get in an agreement with the IRS that allows me to pay off any debt through a payment plan. Making smaller, monthly payments is definitely a more affordable option that I didn’t even know was possible. I’m glad I found IRS Audit Group to get me through my troubles this time around, I know it’s not an easy process but they made it simple.

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Sandor O.

I came here as I had two cases where I wanted to have a second opinion. I met with Erez Solomon, I explained the situation to him and luckily he arrived at the same conclusion I had.

This made me happy as I met with someone else a few weeks ago who gave me a sort of doomsday opinion (that sounded very bad, maybe they wanted to scare me so I would hire them?)

Anyway, I was happy with the service.

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Ben A.

When dealing with taxes its relieving having someone on your side. I am very satisfied with the service received with Erez. He was kind, patient and helped me understanding the whole process.

I would recommend him to everyone I know, seriously, he called me twice a day, kept me updated with everything on the spot and this kind of service is priceless.

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Sergio B.

Wow! talk about timeliness, customer service oriented, helpful, friendly, responsive, resourceful, the list goes on and on. I sent IRS Audit group a yelp message and they responded to me within minutes. I kid you not. I felt it was too good to be true.

Like all of us facing the stressful situation of an IRS audit, you are looking for honesty and guidance. I received both from Erez. He was professional and very honest with me about my audit situation. I could see how other companies could take advantage of folks who are caught up in an IRS audit situation.

I, like everyone else writing these reviews, saw the IRS Audit Group yelp reviews and felt like it was very comforting to know that so many others felt so confident about working with these guys. I was completely right!

Even though my scenario didn’t resolve in an ideal situation, I can honestly state that I received the best possible advice from Erez. Thank you for being so professional, responsive and friendly!

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