Wow! talk about timeliness, customer service oriented, helpful, friendly, responsive, resourceful, the list goes on and on. I sent IRS Audit group a yelp message and they responded to me within minutes. I kid you not. I felt it was too good to be true.

Like all of us facing the stressful situation of an IRS audit, you are looking for honesty and guidance. I received both from Erez. He was professional and very honest with me about my audit situation. I could see how other companies could take advantage of folks who are caught up in an IRS audit situation.

I, like everyone else writing these reviews, saw the IRS Audit Group yelp reviews and felt like it was very comforting to know that so many others felt so confident about working with these guys. I was completely right!

Even though my scenario didn’t resolve in an ideal situation, I can honestly state that I received the best possible advice from Erez. Thank you for being so professional, responsive and friendly!