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Tax Representation – IRS Audit Group

Our Services: IRS Audit Representation & Tax Audit Representation

IRS Audit Group | Devoted to IRS Audit Representation

We are a team of Tax Professionals, CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys, primarily specializing in Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Tax Audit Representation. Though not a law firm, IRS Audit Group (IAG) possesses over 15 years of valuable experience in representation services.

Since our inaugural year, we have successfully helped clients’ audit processes, and understand their IRS taxing authority. As experts in federal and state tax debts, we embody three reasons that best explain why we represent taxpayers:

  1. Your Liberty: It is your freedom and right to be represented by a tax attorney
  2. Avoid Penalties and Interests: Avoid penalties and delays by understanding the scope of your issues on tax returns
  3. Free Consultation: We encourage many to review the severity of tax debt through a free consultation.

Tax Audit Representation | A Nationwide Effort

Audit defense in our office has no limits. Whilst IAG offices are located both in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach, Orange County, California, our certified professional cooperate and work with all IRS offices nationwide. Needless to say, our efforts go far beyond Southern California limits. For more details, contact us to learn more.

IRS Audit Group Reviews | A Master of Tax Representation

We always ask for our clients’ honest feedback. Valuing the clients’ and our time, we deeply appreciate any remarks about your experience with us. Check out our Yelp review page to become familiarized with experienced members of IRS Audit Group services:

State & IRS Audit Representation

The IRS and Tax Representation | Know Your Rights

Receiving an official notice from the IRS regarding your tax return(s) can be stressful, and intimidating. Many fail to realize the simplicity, or in other cases, severity of income tax audits. Some are simply unaware about their resources for representation; or to reach out regarding their tax difficulties. We inform all visitors that they are inclined to possess an audit representative.

We advise our clients to review the Rights of a Taxpayer before the IRS moves forward with tax-related issues. Our services are nationwide, so we are authorized to work with all IRS offices in the United States. Since the IRS is a Federal Agency, we can request your case to be transferred from any IRS office to Los Angeles or Orange County locations.

Contact IRS Audit Group to review your tax information.

If our services are chosen, IRS Audit Group will file a power of attorney and contact the IRS or state the client’s behalf. We will handle all efforts of communication for our clients’ business services and convenience. While we legally cannot guarantee that you will not accrue additional tax liabilities, we promise high quality, certified professionalism and representation in legal matters.

Why should you contact IRS Audit Group instead of your tax preparer or CPA?

Tax Representation at Risk | Conflict of Interest

As stated by the IRS, a tax preparer, “may not represent a client before the IRS if the representation involves a ‘conflict of interest’.” In accordance with legal documents, thus, there is a conflict of interest if your tax preparer/CPA represents you in your tax audit.

IRS Audit Representation | Financial Burden

Most tax professionals charge by the hour. The amount of time needed to handle your case can vary. An initial meeting with the IRS for example, can last a day and your fees could easily reach amounts you never expected. A similar fee situation may arise with your CPA. Therefore, we suggest gathering your documents and rely on a service with a free consultation.

Note: tax law is a specialized field and NOT all attorneys and CPAs obtain the appropriate background to navigate and handle complex tax audit issues.

IRS Audit Group | Costs for IRS Audit Representation

IRS Audit Group charges all respective clients a flat free for our services. The total is determined after we have reviewed your tax information and IRS letter upon completion of a free consultation.

Our professional team of Tax Professionals, CPAs and Enrolled Agents are experts and have over 15 years of experience in audit representation. We will do what it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Additional Services

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • Business Income Taxes
  • Offshore Accounts and Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
  • Tax Penalties
  • Employment Taxes
  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Payroll Taxes (Trust Fund Recovery Penalty)
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification

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