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Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit Representation

What is a Tax Audit?

Regardless the type of audit that the IRS sends for their respective purposes, every taxpayer is subject to receive a notification by person, or mail. Generally, the IRS requests further information to understand your tax return in more detail. For example, if a taxpayer claims $50,000 in donations to a charity of their choice, thus, the IRS may require some proof of their donation. By submitting sufficient documentations, the audit will most likely conclude in the taxpayer’s favor — which tax professionals provide essential aide.

Types of IRS Audits

Mail Audit

A mail audit is one of the simpler and more common forms of IRS tax investigations. It is merely a written warning of an IRS audit dispute requesting specifically which documents a taxpayer needs to send to the IRS.

Field audits

A field audit the type of IRS examination where an IRS agent will visit the taxpayer’s home or place of business. Usually, field audits are performed in case of an IRS questioning of more than just a singular deduction. In most cases, a field audit is more thorough than an office audit, or an in-mail notification.

Office audits

An office audit is a personal audit performed at the local IRS office. For example, if the taxpayer’s residents is located Highland Park, Los Angeles the nearest IRS office is located in the City of Los Angeles.

These audits are much more in-depth than mail audits. Typically, the questions they ask are related to the information on the taxpayer’s income tax return. As usual, the IRS will ask for supplemental documents; such like the official records for the respective business or related bank statements. IRS Audit Group highly recommends taxpayers to exercise their right to a tax attorney to represent the case. This alleviates and avoids any potential mistakes that may increase penalties and interest rates regarding the situation.

What is the difference between a State Audit, and a Federal Tax Audit?

A state audit is when state services approach you in person, or in written form about your tax return at the state level. A federal tax audit is when there are unclear information or statistics in your tax return to the federal government. Either governmental organization may legally question your income tax return at any given point. The purpose of their notice can vary, however, both circumstances pose serious threat if ignored. At the event of ignoring these notices, we highly recommend consulting with a tax professional to understand the ramifications of this incident. Such as, additional penalties and interest.

Representation in your IRS Federal Tax Audit

You filed your taxes and now you receive a letter informing you that the IRS wants to audit you. It is now time to contact a tax expert. IRS Audit Group is a team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents who specialize exclusively in Tax Audit Representation with over 15 years of experience. If you are looking for State Audit Representation, visit our State Audit Representation Page to learn more.

If you need some answers regarding Federal Tax Audit Representation, stay with us — your questions may be answered. If by the end of this page you aren’t satisfied with our answers, contact our tax professionals at IRS Audit Group to provide you the service you deserve.

Various circumstances result in tax audit representation; some issues are more complex than others. Nonetheless, taxpayers need to provide the IRS the necessary documents to provide, and show that all documents have been submitted smoothly and honestly. Your reported income tax is the main reason why the IRS has sent a notice in verbal or written form, thusly, asking for additional documents.

IRS Audit Group can represent clients nationwide against their IRS tax situations, and help alleviate some of their financial burdens. If your issue is related to payment plans, or simply would like to learn more about what an IRS Payment Plan is, visit out IRS Payment Plan page.

IRS Audit Group Tax Audit Services | Tax Audit Representation

IRS Audit Group provides a full service of tax audit representation for those affected by a requested IRS audit. Our licensed professionals comprise of qualified CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Upon our 15+ years of experience in tax-related matters, dealing with the IRS can be stressful and time consuming for the taxpayer. For IRS Audit Group, it is our specialty. With an experienced, and licensed professional on your side, you can get through the audit stress-free.

First, you must trust the process. IRS Audit Group tax experts represent you in front of the Board of Equalization, the IRS Examination Division and Collections Division, and state income tax agencies. In the case of representation, it is important to minimize the consequences of an IRS audit — that is our goal. If our potential client is audited, we guarantee to save your time. IRS Audit Group will help you understand your taxpayer rights, represent your best interests in front of federal organizations, and provide guaranteed satisfaction.

How IRS Audit Group Tax Lawyers will help


  • Communicating with the IRS


The IRS may verbally or in written form contact you regarding a tax audit. IRS Audit Group specializes in Tax Audit Representation. Legally, you have the right to retain professional representation. This means, a professional on behalf of your case can fight for your rights with full knowledge of the law, your case, taxpayer rights, and benefits. We provide the luxury of easing the process by communicating with the IRS, regardless the situation’s location. For example, if your tax return is an out-of-state issue, we can request to transfer the information local to our offices in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach. IRS Audit Group will bypass penalties and interests by helping you time your payments through IRS Payment Plans, and represent your case through proper, professional, and precise communication with governmental entities.

Usually you will not receive a response from IRS agents or if you do, they won’t thoroughly explain the correct way to file the requested paperwork. Because of these inconveniences you might miss deadlines and increase Our services include drafting emails or letters that are guaranteed to catch the attention of the IRS, and show professionalism at its best. Above all, an IRS Audit Group tax professional can ensure prompt paperwork completion, and meeting important deadlines to avoid further penalization or interest rates.


  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)


As a valuable asset in your legal repertoire against the IRS, settling for an Offer in Compromise is an ideal scenario that IRS Audit Group can work towards your case. Our audit services provide the essential help you need to file an Offer in Compromise, if applicable.

An Offer in Compromise is a program that the IRS offers for individuals that qualify to settle their tax debt at a lesser amount than the total due they originally owed. Given our 15+ years of experience, we have had various scenarios where clients walked off with an OIC. Upon a free consultation, our colleagues at IRS Audit Group can provide a speedy reply regarding your eligibility to apply for the OIC program.

If our tax professionals determine that you are not eligible for the OIC program, we will then discuss options that best work for your financial situation. The IRS, legally, has two years to review, process, and make a decision on an OIC application. This provides us time to negotiate and explain your financial hardships to the IRS via direct communication.


  • Decrease Costs


Receiving professional representation has its perks, and in accordance to the aforementioned, IRS Audit Group will aim to decrease your overall costs by initially reviewing your likeliness of OIC program acceptance. Our services can help taxpayers save money and get a better understanding of Payment Plan options. By providing your tax professional with all the documents necessary, our experts will fully assess your situation — free of charge! Once the situation is assessed, we will then explain the scope of the work and provide a flat fee — no hidden charges. You are always welcome to consult with our tax professionals to understand what exactly the cost we charge go into. Our tax professionals will be happy to explain the details of our flat-rate fees.

Avoid Future Tax Audits | Contact IRS Audit Group

IRS Audit Group not only aims to solve your problems, but also prevent them from occurring. File your taxes correctly with an IRS tax professional to receive the utmost care in IRS situations. You can avoid facing future issues with the IRS.

IRS Audit Group provides an essential platform for clients to relax, and to be worry-free upon filing taxes.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to get a free consultation upon your initial meeting with a tax professional. Regardless of your location, our certified professionals will happily assess your situation from Southern California, and provide a game plan for your tax audit.

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