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The Audit Process

Tax Audit Defense – The Audit Process

Trusting the IRS Audit Process

Whether it may be a tax audit representation service in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach, IRS Audit Group (IAG) helps tax audit disputes come to a settled resolution. Specializing in audit defense, our team presents a breakdown of the IAG Audit Representation Process:

Step 1: IRS Notice | Gather your documents

Don’t panic, but don’t delay your actions. An IRS (or State) tax audit may be conducted by a mail or in-person interview. The purpose for the interview is to review taxpayer records and understand the details of the tax return.

Methodology in IRS notices vary, for example, an IRS agent may hold the interview at an IRS office (office audit) or at the taxpayer’s home, place of business, or accountant’s office (field audit). In case of a physical visit to the place of business or taxpayer home, IRS agents usually travel in pairs with badges for proof. To avoid communication that may backfire, we highly recommend to first speak with a tax attorney and weigh your options.

Step 2: Free Consultation | Meet with an IAG Tax Professional

Upon your free consultation, provide your certified tax attorney the necessary documents asked by the IRS. This process will smoothen and quicken our scope of work when clients provide their tax returns and supplemental documents. Additional documents may include pay stubs, invoices, bank statements, and more.

Step 3: Research for Ideal Outcome in Tax Audit Representation

After a free consultation, IRS Audit Group will research and calculate the cost of penalties and interests to review the benefits in favor of the taxpayer. We make sure to explain in detail the total cost, and advantages and rights of retaining a tax audit representative. We charge a flat fee for our services with no hidden fees or charges by the hour. We have a Money-back Guarantee policy: if your savings result in an amount lower than our fees, then we provide a refund to our beloved client. Contact us for more information regarding the policy.

Step 4: Thorough Communication in Tax Representation

We make sure to uphold proper communication with our clients — every step of the way. Once we appoint a prominent attorney, we communicate on behalf of our client (taxpayer), before the IRS taxing authority. We have a policy of providing our clients a detailed bi-weekly progress report for your convenience and services.

Upon meeting with the IRS, our qualified professionals will assess the situation and determine the feasibility of taking the client’s case to higher levels. In the case of moving forward, there will be no additional charge — the flat fee remains.

Step 5: Resolution

After receiving the final report that all parties must agree on, our client’s attorney will then settle your case with your written approval. No finalizing documents will be signed without your written consent. If the case will accrue additional tax liabilities, then our team will do their best to help you with an IRS payment plan.

For a more comprehensive understanding of IRS’ part, visit the IRS page to familiarize yourself with official terms and conditions.

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