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Guy T.

I have a remodeling brother business and had to file my business and personal tax returns.
For my business I didn’t use quickbooks so I didn’t know where to start.

Found IRS Audit Group on google and looked at their website and reviews on Yelp and all had to say great things about IRS Audit Group. Called and a week later they reviewed all bank statements calculated my income and expenses and filled my tax returns.

Thank you IRS Audit Group for amazing service.

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Shaked R.

I found IRS Audit Group on Facebook , and then I go to check the reviews on Yelp of course.
They helped me with audit from the IRS and saved me the costs of thousands of dollars and saved me a big headache!!
Want to thank IRS Audit Group for your professionalism and assistance every step of the way.
You guys helped me so much, I’m so thankful !

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Itay S.

I had many issues with my Taxes and IRS.
A friend refer me to IRS audit group and I decided to give it a try, since I’ve tried all the rest.
The professional staff help me from the beginning till the end and help me resolve all the problems I had.
Highly recommended

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