Tax Season 2023 started and one of the important questions that come up during tax season is if you opt to prepare your tax statement or hire a tax professional. It really depends on several factors including financial situation, tax knowledge, time, patience, and effort needed to prepare a tax return. Both of these two options have their own pros and cons, the choice ultimately depends on the personal comfort level with taxes of an individual.

When To File by Yourself?

Preparing your own taxes can be done using tax software or through the IRS website. It is a good option to save a few bucks, but it is not always the best choice.  Here are a set of situations where you can do your own tax filing are:

  • The tax situation is simple.
  • Financial limitation to save money.
  • Good understanding of tax laws and tax preparation process
  • Comfortable using tax software.
  • Have patience and time to deal with tax preparation.

Disadvantages of Filing Your Own Taxes

There are potential disadvantages while filing your own taxes. Tax filing is more time-consuming especially when there is trouble understanding tax laws. If you have multiple income sources, then it adds more complexity due to numerous tax laws. Using online tax software speeds up the process but it can be difficult to get help if any question arises. Filing your own tax increases the risk of errors which lead to penalties, interest, or even an IRS audit.

Why Hire a Tax Professional?

Hiring a professional tax preparer can be a wise choice for individuals as well as for businesses. Tax Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to minimize the complex tax code and they ensure maximum tax savings and thus minimize the risk of the tax audit. Hiring a professional tax preparer may be necessary for a few scenarios as follows/

  • Don’t have time and patience to deal with tax preparations!
  • Multiple income sources
  • Owning a business or rental property and having a complicated situation.
  • Planning to itemize deductions.
  • Experienced major life events.
  • Have foreign accounts and investments or active stock traders.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Professional

The only crucial disadvantage of choosing a tax professional can be difficulty in finding a trustworthy and experienced tax preparer. Not all tax preparers are equal, some may not have expertise in handling complex tax situations. There are many scammers who pose as legitimate tax preparers.  Hence, it is important to do proper research about potential tax preparers by reviewing their credentials, client testimonials, etc.

To do filing by your own effort or hire a professional depends on personal circumstances and level of comfort with tax laws and the tax preparation process. Doing your own taxes is the finest method to save money if you are confident in your capacity to comprehend the tax rules. If not, it’s likely time to spend the money and employ a tax professional. In the end, you have to balance the worth of your time and money versus your mental health.

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