IRS Tax Refunds

Why It’s Not Smart To Get A Big Refund Every Year:

The Government:

The government collects taxes from taxpayers at a rate that is affected by multiple things. Your withholdings and your income can affect your withheld taxes. The annual tax return is the money the IRS gives back to you after they have counted all your taxes. This essentially means they are giving you back the money they were never supposed to take in the first place. A big tax refund sounds good, but it’s not. A big tax return means that the IRS has taken more money from you than they were supposed to take!

How To Avoid This:

There are many ways to avoid the IRS taking too much money from you. The first tip we would give you is review your withholdings. There are many things that can be considered withholdings, including your home, the investments you’ve made, or life changing events. If you own a home, you can claim your mortgage interest and property tax deductions! If you own an investment property, you can claim the expenses the property has costed you. Big life events, such as a divorce or a new child can also affect your tax information. Every taxpayer is different! Call us for a free consultation with a IRS lawyer. If you can’t do either of these things, then consider the tax return a savings plan. Put all that money into savings, and act like the IRS took it for good. If you need any more help with your tax returns, call IRS Audit Group at 888-300-6670 today!

IRS Audit Group:

What To Do?

The low tax returns are some of the benefits that are coming into effect as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This is the biggest piece of tax legislation in the past thirty years, and as a result, it’s important to understand how they may affect you during the 2019 filing season. We can help you with all your taxpayer needs, including figuring out your tax return information, or any other questions about IRS or taxpayer procedures.

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