You are rattled! You just filed your tax returns and had piece of mind that you could now steer clear of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for another year, but the IRS is out for your hair. What do you do? Unfortunately, if you are this person, you need to contact a tax attorney immediately. The following are some key reasons as to why you would need a tax attorney: audits, representation, missing tax returns, getting a CP notice and getting charged for a criminal offense.

If the IRS is auditing you, you need a tax attorney on your side. Dealing with the IRS can be a dreadful, time consuming and difficult task especially because they have no mercy. The job of the tax attorney is to negotiate on your behalf and make sure your rights are protected. This type of representation can save you time and anxiety. Tax attorneys know the tax laws far better and can represent you much more adequately then you can in court if you were representing yourself. Additionally, a CPA can represent you or any other legal counsel specialized in tax defense, however they are not specialized in tax law nor have they dealt with numerous amounts of cases. Each case is unique and only an experienced tax lawyer can look at your case and know how to proceed to give you the best outcome.

If the IRS is criminally charging you, it is usually because they believe you are withholding income or you are being accused of tax fraud. In both cases you need to hire a tax attorney and take this situation very seriously because you can either be charged with exponentially large fines (more then you could afford) or go to prison. Another reason to hire a tax attorney over of a CPA is because a tax attorney can’t stand against you in court. They are obligated by law to protect you through attorney-client privileges, whereas a CPA or IRS legal counsel may be asked to testify against you.

The IRS may assume that you are hiding something if you neglected to file a tax return. If this is your current circumstance, you need a tax lawyer to speak on your behalf and let the IRS know the reasons as to why you did not file or possibly forgot to file. This government agency may ask detailed questions and if you are not an assertive and confident person when speaking to them, you need a tax attorney to be your voice. They understand how this agency operates and they can persuade and charm them far better then anyone. Once they explain your case, the IRS can become more merciful and give you time to file your taxes.

Receiving a CP noticed in the mail usually means you owe the government money. Understanding the notice may be difficult and you never want to misunderstand a document as important as this, which is why you should consult a tax attorney. They can give you details about the balance due and if you disagree with it, they can help you contest it in court. Regardless of the circumstances of why the IRS is contacting you, you should seek the guidance of a tax attorney so you can better understand your unique situation.