The Employer-Provided Childcare Credit is a tax credit that is specifically designed for employers who offer childcare assistance to their employees.  This assistance can be provided in different ways, including the provision of onsite childcare facilities, financial support for childcare expenses, or the distribution of vouchers for childcare services.  The main purpose of this tax credit is to assist employers in covering the expenses associated with providing these valuable benefits while promoting their commitment to supporting working parents in their workforce.  By providing childcare services to employees, businesses can take advantage of this credit and potentially reduce their tax liability.  This credit aims to support employers in their efforts to offer a family-friendly work environment and promote work-life balance for their employees.


What is the Credit?

Taxpayers are encouraged to offer childcare services to their employees through the employer-provided childcare credit.  For the tax season 2024, the maximum limit of $150,000 per year is allowed.  This credit is calculated as 25% of the qualified childcare facility expenditures, along with an additional 10% of the qualified childcare resource and referral expenditures that are paid or incurred during the tax year.  By providing this credit, the government aims to incentivize employers to support their employees with childcare options.


Eligible Expenditures

In order to qualify for the credit, an employer must have made payments or accrued expenses for childcare that meet the criteria during the tax year 2023 which is basically filed on Tax Season 2024.  These expenses should be specifically intended to provide childcare services to the employees.  Eligible expenditure includes the below.

  • The expenses related to obtaining, building, renovating, or extending a property that is utilized as a qualified childcare facility by the taxpayer.
  • The taxpayer’s qualified childcare facility costs encompass operational expenses, such as payments made to support childcare workers through training, scholarship programs, and offering higher compensation to employees with advanced childcare training.
  • Qualified resource and referral expenses consist of payments made or expenses incurred under a contract with a qualified childcare facility to provide childcare services to the taxpayer’s employees.


How To Claim the Employer-Provided Childcare Credit

  1. Calculate the Credit: Calculate the overall amount of eligible childcare expenses that were accrued throughout the tax year 2023.  These expenses might include running childcare facilities on-site, supporting childcare costs, or issuing vouchers for childcare services.
  2. Complete Form 8882: While filing for the tax season 2024, fill in the required fields on Form 8882, specifically designed for claiming the “Credit for Employer-Provided Childcare Facilities and Services.” This involves providing accurate information on the total childcare expenses that qualify and the number of employees who have benefited from the childcare assistance.
  3. Attach Form 8882 to Tax Return: Ensure that you include Form 8882 along with your business tax return, such as Form 1120 for corporations, Form 1065 for partnerships, or Form 1040 for sole proprietors.
  4. Include the Credit Amount on Tax Return: On your tax return, make sure to input the credit amount from Form 8882 on the designated line.  This credit will effectively lower the liability for the tax season 2024.
  5. Maintain Records: It is important to maintain precise records of eligible childcare expenses, along with any relevant documents like invoices, receipts, and payroll records.  These records might be necessary in the event of an audit.

Consult with a Tax Professional:  To ensure that you are correctly claiming and maximizing the benefits of the Employer-Provided Childcare Credit, it is recommended to seek guidance from a tax professional due to the intricate nature of tax laws related to this credit.


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