You may not be sure what to do if you are selected for an IRS tax return audit. It’s okay because a lot of people would be stuck on the same thing. There’s nothing to worry about. Hiring a tax attorney will ensure that you are stress free while tax auditors crawl through your documents and ask hard questions. Instead of you answering those questions, your tax attorney will come to the rescue every time. Below are a few of the obvious benefits to making use of a tax attorneys services.

Some people would default immediately to a CPA to help them prepare for an audit, but a tax attorney is slightly better for certain reasons. Accountants would definitely know the tax code, but would they be able to defend you in the audit situation? Accountants count numbers all day, but they don’t represent people and argue their case for them. A tax attorney can help negotiate for you and defend you in subsequent litigation. These people are paid to interpret the law to benefit you and protect you from giving away too much of your money/property.

The terminology and jargon used during the audit process can be quite daunting, so why not have someone by your side who knows the lingo and procedures like the back of their hand? A tax attorney will be your personal interpreter, and they can tell when someone is looking a little too close at things. If the auditors are trying to charge you with something, the attorney will know right away.

If your audit goes unexpectedly, you can face fines, back taxes, and even criminal charges. Your tax attorney can help in many ways throughout the entire process. Since audits are an interpretation of events, the facts will be presented in the best possible light, so that you are treated fairly. The attorney has to follow certain rules and protocols just like any other legal proceeding. They can protect your interests in case the auditor tries to pull any misconduct. For example, if the auditor asks you any inappropriate questions, your attorney can advise you on what to say. They will also use negotiation techniques that will reduce your liability a great deal.

This is just the beginning when it comes to tax problems. You need someone experienced that has seen the process over and over again. This way, they will be able to help you get through the audit without forking over all of your time and money. Spending some money on a tax attorney can keep you out of serious trouble.