Who We Are

We are a team of Tax Professionals, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys who specialize exclusively in Tax Audit Representation with over 15 years of experience. We are not a law firm and are located in Beverly Hills, California. While our services are offered nationwide. We work with all IRS offices throughout the nation. Because the IRS is a Federal Agency, we can request your case to be transferred to our local IRS office, Located in Los Angeles, California.

IRS & State Audit Representation

Receiving a letter from the IRS or the state is stressful. Most people don’t know what to do or whom to call. Typically, the IRS agent would like to meet with you, has issued a request for your documents, while being sure they are received promptly. Contact a tax lawyer from IRS Audit Group for assistance today!

You Have The Right to Retain Representation

Our services are nationwide, and we are authorized to work with an IRS office in the country. Since the IRS is a Federal Agency, if needed, we can request that your case is transferred to our IRS office in Los Angeles, CA near our headquarters. We may represent you with any state audits.

Cost Effective For You

IRS Audit Group only charges a flat fee for our services which is determined after we have reviewed your tax information and IRS letters.

Our professional team of Tax Professionals, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents are experts and have over 15 years of experience in audit representation. We will do what it takes to get the job efficiently and effectively.

Call IRS Audit Group to Review Your Tax Information

There is a conflict of interest if your tax preparer/CPA represents you in your tax audit. While he or she wants to help you, they have their reputations and business to protect. It’s rare for him or her to admit they gave you advice that may have resulted in your return being audited.

Most tax professionals charge by the hour. The amount of time needed to handle your case can vary. An initial meeting with the IRS, for example, can last a day and your fees could reach amounts you’ve never expected. A similar fee situation may even arise while using a CPA.

Remember that tax laws are a specialized field and not all attorneys and CPAs have the background to navigate the complexities of a tax audit.