Tax Audit Representation | A Nationwide Effort

In this article, you will learn about IRS Audit Group’s national services in tax audit representation. Scroll down to learn how you may benefit from a Free Consultation with an IAG Tax Representative.

There was once a time that we only catered to a local audience, however those days are over and we have expanded our services and found success in helping Americans nationwide solve their tax problems. By taking major steps towards greatness, our services cater to those in need of both state and/or federal tax representation.

Audit defense in our organization has no limits. Whilst IAG offices are located both in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, our certified professionals cooperate and work with all IRS offices nationwide. Needless to say, our efforts go far beyond Southern California sunshine.

For example, if you are a New York resident that needs assistance, a tax audit representative will smoothly transfer your case to our offices in the Southern California region and provide the utmost care — we’re in this together.

Audit Defense

Matters related to tax audits are delicate issues that should not have borders. Understanding the sophisticated structure of taxes, many struggle to understand the integral pieces that come with it. State and federal matters may often be intimidating for clients to comprehend based on the complexity of the American system; rightfully so, our team understands the legitimacy of various forms of taxes. Based on our experience, we have helped thousands of individuals save millions by teaming with IRS Audit Group to represent their audits in unique circumstances against the State or the IRS. Why do we use the term unique? Well, each individual presents a unique case of which we help them attain the best scenario possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Gather your documents

Don’t panic, but don’t delay your actions. An IRS (or State) tax audit may be conducted by a mail or in-person interview. The purpose for the interview is to review taxpayer records and understand the details of the tax return.  Our job is to make sure you’re covered and safe from any events that may further exacerbate your financial state. But first, you must gather all necessary documents that will help expedite the process of helping your tax circumstances. To avoid communication that may backfire, we highly recommend to first speak with a tax attorney and weigh your options before an IRS.

Step 2: Free Consultation | Meet with an IAG Tax Professional

After gathering all the necessary documents, it only makes sense to assess the situation at a professional level. IAG Tax professionals offer free consultations to all residents and taxpayers for their own benefit of knowledge and comprehension.

Upon your free consultation, provide your certified tax attorney the necessary documents asked by the IRS or State. This process will smoothen and quicken our scope of work when clients provide their tax returns and supplemental documents. Additional documents may include pay stubs, invoices, bank statements, and more.

Step 3: Research for Ideal Outcome in Tax Audit Representation

After a free consultation, IRS Audit Group will research and calculate the cost of penalties and interests to review the benefits in favor of the taxpayer. We make sure to explain in detail the total costs; and advantages and rights of retaining a tax audit representative. Unlike other organizations that charge by the hour, we charge a flat fee for our services with no hidden fees or charges by the hour. We have a Money-Back Guarantee Policy: if your savings result in an amount lower than our fees, then we provide a refund to our beloved client. Contact us for more information regarding the policy, or scroll down to our additional services to find out what other services we provide for our clients.

Additional Services

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • Business Income Taxes
  • Offshore Accounts and Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
  • Tax Penalties
  • Employment Taxes
  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Payroll Taxes (Trust Fund Recovery Penalty)
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification

For more details, contact us to learn more.