The IRS will always notify you by mail if you are being audited. IRS states that they will never notify you over a telephone call, so if you receive a call, chances are it is a scammer trying to deceit you.

If you are selected for an audit it is not always suggested that there is a problem and it can be resolved with the help of an IRS tax attorney. In case a taxpayer get into trouble with IRS, they can get help from a tax attorney or an IRS lawyers 

The IRS uses several methods when selecting taxpayers for audits. One method is random selection and computer screening. In this case, it could be likely that your return is selected based on a statistic formula. The National Research Program, conducted by the IRS, compares your tax return against “norms” for similar returns. These “norms” are developed from audits of a statistically valid random sample of returns.

The IRS also looks into your returns if you are involved with issues or transactions with other taxpayers, such as business partners or investors, whose returns were selected for audit. This method is called Related Examinations.

After you are selected for audit, an experienced auditor reviews the return and decides whether or not to accept it. If something questionable is noted, the auditor forwards the return for assignment to an examining group.

Major Reason why IRS is Notifying you

The major reason why IRS is notifying a taxpayer is when they have any tax balance, the refund as big as we expect it to be. IRS would like to clarify some doubt on the tax returns which was filed by the taxpayer. IRS might need some additional detail for processing the tax returns. The IRS might be trying to verify the identity of a person. IRS notifies the taxpayer for making changes or correction which has to be made in the tax returns. IRS also notifies the delay in processing the tax return.

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