For the most part, the IRS does a good job keeping track of millions of taxpayers income and how much taxes they should be forking over. Most IRS employees do their best to be fair and efficient. However, many people feel chills up and down the spine when the IRS is mentioned. Normal people want to file their taxes and be done with it all, and they certainly don’t want the IRS questioning their revenue stream.

The question is, if your name is pulled from the Audit Me hat, should you go ahead and call a tax attorney? Many individuals and organizations such as the Tea Party claim that they are treated very differently depending on whether they have a lawyer or not. Inappropriate questions and other sketchy things can happen from not being represented. Taxpayers always get better results from being represented by a lawyer throughout the whole process.

This does not mean that you have to contact a lawyer every time something gets mailed to your door. It all depends on the severity and complexity of the issue. You can contact a lawyer and ask for advice on whether they think you need representing. Sometimes representing yourself is the best option, but rarely.

Trying to handle a situation with the IRS by yourself can dig you a much deeper hole. If you are unsure what to do then you definitely need to contact a lawyer. They will make sure that whatever hole you’re in won’t get wider or deeper. They will get you out.