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When it comes to taxes, most people are completely in the dark. They don’t know the intricate ins-and-outs of tax law, how to file properly or provide the necessary paperwork to the IRS every year.

It’s even more difficult for business owners, who typically have bigger expensives, need to carefully document and report their revenue and have their payroll to worry about.

All of it can be so confusing and overly complicated, it’s unfortunately far too easy for you or your accountant to overlook something when filing.

Next thing you know, the IRS is auditing you.

Fortunately, you do have some options in fighting back thanks to IRS Audit Group.

IRS Audit Group is the premier tax resolution firm with a knack for getting results and exceeding expectations for their clients.

They’ve dedicated themselves to being part of the team that prides themselves on being accessible, efficient and responsive for their clients.  

They’re a passionate team dedicated to helping people resolve their IRS tax problems who pride themselves on being accessible, efficient and responsive for their clients.

This dedicated team of Los Angeles-based tax lawyers works with clients nationwide to resolve their ongoing fight with the IRS. Their specialty is taking your side and providing guidance and leadership along the way during your audit.

For a flat, reasonable fee, IRS Audit Group’s tax lawyers will take the lead on your case, using their combined 15 years as tax professionals, CPA’s and enrolled agents to representing you during any state audits, making sure the job is done efficiently and effectively.

After a brief, free-of-charge consultation and two-day investigation into your tax background, the team will break down exactly what’s ahead for your case and what documentation you’ll need to help fight your case.

After looking at the details of your case, your team will break down the price of their services based on the number of hours they need to put into a case and will tell you up front if they feel your case doesn’t justify representation.

Unlike other firms, your IRS Audit Group team will never charge you hidden fees or charge by the hour and will not take the case if they feel there’s nothing they can do to help with your case. IRS Audit Group is all about honesty and transparency with their clients.

While other tax attorneys may not be willing or certified to help you, the IRS Audit Group’s Los Angeles tax attorneys have experience fighting against the IRS, helping your odds of winning your case.

IRS Audit Group’s team have experience dealing with California businesses like the Board of Equalization’s, the Employment Development Departments (EDD), the Franchise Tax Board, individual income tax cases, business income tax cases, offshore accounts and Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), tax penalty cases, employment tax cases, estate and gift tax cases, payroll tax cases and employees vs. Independent contractor classification cases.

So how do you know if IRS Audit Group is the right choice for your case?


What Can IRS Audit Group Do For You?

First, your case needs to fall under one of three categories of audit types. Your case needs to be a state sales tax audit, state income tax audit or a state payroll tax audit.

No matter what audit you’re dealing with, it’s an incredibly complex process that can be tedious and overly-complicated for anyone who’s not a practiced tax attorney. No matter what type of audit you’re dealing with, you’re better off with IRS Audit Group on your side.

There’s a variety of things that IRS Audit Group can do for their clients when helping with their IRS or state audit.

The first thing IRS Audit Group’s tax attorney’s can do, since the IRS is a federal agency, is transfer your audit to the IRS office in Los Angeles, California, moving much closer to the team of tax attorney’s in the heart of the city of angels.

Once the case is under their control, they’ll take the reigns and handle the important parts of your case.

Your team will need you to provide them with your bank statements, invoices and associated documents relevant to the case. Your team will then organize and send those documents, along with giving you options and alternatives if you can’t provide that documentation.

Their next move will be to initiate an audit reconsideration, a process the IRS uses to take another look at a previous audit where additional taxes were assessed or a tax credit was reversed.

This is the best option if a taxpayer disagrees with the IRS’s original decision, they need to be prepared to provide new information and documents that weren’t previously taken into account during the original audit examination.

This is the same process used when a taxpayer contests a substitute for return (SFR) determination on an original filing or when the IRS find a processing error in their original audit.

The IRS Audit Group team is best equipped to to ensure their clients avoid facing notices from the IRS, being forced to forfeit their refund, receiving a federal tax lien or even declaring bankruptcy.


IRS Audit Group Will Communicate With The IRS, Go To Court For You

Once you retain IRS Audit Group’s services, they’ll handle all direct communication with the IRS or state agency so you can focus on your life, your business and your finances.

Their team of tax professionals understands how daunting and intimidating communicating with the IRS can be during an audit and how vague and unhelpful the IRS can be when it comes to instructing people how to file their paperwork properly.

Instead of worrying about it endlessly, IRS Audit Group attorney’s lets you bypass all of that extra stress, leaving it in the hands of a team of experts who can do it all quickly and correctly, helping you avoid needless additional penalties.

The team handling your case will provide weekly updates on the status of your case, only needing you to provide the supporting documentation and what alternatives are possible if the proper documents are unavailable.

The team will then meet with the IRS or state tax attorneys, filing tax court petitions and appeals if necessary.

Your legal team will then ensure you get reasonable conclusion by working with you on the next step: coming to a compromise on your case.


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IRS Audit Group Will Try To Compromise With Your Case

Finally, when the final report is released, your legal team will come to a compromise and help you move on with your life.

If you’re found to owe the money by the audit, your legal team will file an Offer in Compromise (OIC), a program offered by the IRS to help individuals settle their tax debts for less than they were supposed to owe.

This program is the best possible option for those who end up on the losing end of a audit.

The process might seem simple on its surface, but your IRS Audit Group team of tax lawyers will be right by your side to make sure you don’t take a wrong step in the process.

For people who don’t qualify for the OIC program, your IRS Audit Group team is there for them to help decide their next step.

The IRS has two years to review, process and make a final decision on an individual’s OIC claim, which allows your legal team time to negotiate and break down their financial hardship to the IRS.

For taxpayers to be eligible for the program, they’ll have to meet two either of the following two criteria:

  1. Taxpayers must owe $50,000 or less in combined income taxes, penalties and interest, along with filing all required returns.
  2. If the entity is a business, they must owe $25,000 or less in payroll taxes and have properly filed all of their required returns.


If the taxpayer is eligible for the OIC payment plan, your IRS Audit Group team will work closely with you to make sure the proper paperwork is completed and forms were mailed, ensuring the best case scenario for your financial situation and payment plan.

There are heavy penalties and interest on this IRS payment plan, so to avoid them it’s best to trust the negotiation to your IRS Audit Group legal team.

The current rate of interest is applied to any taxes paid after the April 15 deadline, but taxpayers can limit these payments by paying the debt off sooners.

The best thing you can if you owe any amount is consult your IRS Group Audit lawyers to avoid any additional or inflated interest charges.

The options when it comes to dealing with your case are pretty simple.

You can deal with the stress and hassle of fighting against the IRS yourself, either going to tax court to represent yourself or hiring an expensive attorney charging you hundreds of dollars per hour who might not even have the expertise to fight against the IRS in court, or you can hire the IRS Audit Group team, who are prepared and ready to help anyone take on their pesky audit case, letting you put your troubles in the hands of the pros and kick your feet up after a hard days work and enjoy the confidence that a team of dedicated tax lawyers are fighting for your side.

When you look at it like that, the choice is pretty simple, isn’t it?

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