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Tax Filing Due Date on Oct 15 2019 for Individuals and C-Corporations who filed for 6-Month Automatic Extension
Tax Filing Due Date Oct 15 2019

If you wonder what it’s all about filing an extension, it’s really a simple process.  Your income tax returns will normally due on April of every year, but applying for a 6-month automatic extension allows you more time to file. …

For C-Corporations and Individuals Opted For Automatic Extension – Tax Filing Due Date on Oct 15 2019
IRS Tax filing due date Oct 15 2019

We can avoid penalties associated with tax filling by taking action in time.  The general option is to seek another date for tax filing.  The benefit of seeking an extension is that it can improve the accuracy of your tax…

Let us talk to the IRS for you – Importance of Tax Audit Representation
Let Us talk To the IRS - Importance of Tax Audit Representation

IRS Audit is the process of examining an organization or individual account and financial information.  The main objective of IRS audit is to ensure that the financial information given by organizations or individuals is correct according to the tax laws. …

Due Date for S Corporations, LLC & Partnership for Tax Filing is on September 15, 2019

The tax rule for S Corporations, LLC and partnership are the same under the tax code.  The due date for S Corporation taxes for the financial year 2018 -2019 was March 15, 2019.  However, one can opt for extension of…

S Corporation, LLC & Partnership September 15, 2019 – Extended Due Date for S Corporation, LLC & Partnership

Generally, S Corporation, LLC & Partnership are required to file tax return before March 15 2019 for the calendar year 2018-2019.  While filing such return, S corporation needs to file Form 1120S and attach Schedule K-1 for its shareholders.  An…

Tax Filing Due Date for S- Corporation, LLC & Partnership – September 15, 2019 is the Extended Due Date for Filing

S-corporation and LLCs can opt for the extended due date for tax filing till September 15, 2019.  Per rule, S corporations to file tax on March 15, and they can seek for extension by filing Form 7004 and deposit what…

Does the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) call? What to do when the IRS call you?

  There are many reasons for IRS to initiate a call with tax payers.  The IRS call you to clear their doubts on your income, may be in return filling or may be bills that you presented during filling on…

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